Rev. Arlene Yoder

Rev. Arlene Yoder is a widow with 2 children and 7 grandchildren. She and her husband founded a ministry in Costa Rica with evangelism, a missions center, trained missionaries, helped establish churches, and ran a mobile Bible Training Center for ministers and leaders. She has been in missions’ ministry since 1980 living in several Latin American countries through the years and traveled into many other countries teaching in Bible Schools, Churches, Seminars and Conferences with healings and miracles, signs and wonders. Her emphasis is on the practical applications of God’s Word to help ministers and believers live in the fullness of God’s promises and fulfill their purpose on the Earth.

Instead of retiring after her husband went on to heaven in 2005, Arlene has “re-fired” with an emphasis on the theme God revealed at the beginning of her ministry around the World: Carrying the torch and manifesting His glory to the next generation. Arlene has just finished her first eBook entitled, “Seeding Truths”, Spiritual Wisdom Packed with Power which will be available on soon.